The Ontario Cookbook

a unique cookbook celebrating local Ontario growers and producers

copyright Nikole Herriot

This cookbook will show the home gourmand and aspirational cook local Ontario produce and products found in their neighbourhood grocer and market. The reader will be given seasonal ingredient options to help them choose local when cooking and shopping.

This cookbook will celebrate the abundance of locally available goods (such as raw produce and protein products) in a beautiful and fully illustrated manner. It will celebrate recipes and profiles of a small and complimentary group of farmer associations.

— book launch april 2019 —

Family of Things

Photography shown in the Ontario Cookbook project is by Nikole Herriott. 

One of the most valuable things you can do is support your local farmers. This book will help guide – “What can I buy from my grocery store today that is in season? What can I cook using local and fresh ingredients?”

The local food movement is real. Ontarians live where their food grows and is cultivated. They drive by local food sources on the way to work. Yet… we occasionally need guidance on how to cook with what’s available.

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